Based out of Tokyo, Japan, BnA (Bed and Art) is a social x art hotel project that aims to support Japanese artists while providing travelers with the unique and unforgettable experience of "staying in an art piece".

BnA was born out of 2 simple realizations.

1. Many talented contemporary artists in Japan are unable to make a living through their art.

2. Visiting art enthusiasts are unable to find small independent art galleries that show case up and coming Japanese artists.

In an effort to ease these burdens, we designed a mutually beneficial ecosystem within which both artist and traveller can benefit. The system is simple yet effective; Create independent art hotel rooms with talented local artists and share the profits from room bookings, while guests get the chance to live inside a functional work of art and are immersed in the local art scene.


The BnA Project came to life in 2015 with two concept Airbnb rooms in Tokyo (BnA GALLERY Ikebukuro) and Kyoto (BnA MACHIYA Kyoto).

These rooms, wildly successful, became the impetus for BnAs first hotel, BnA HOTEL Koenji opened 2016. In the next few years our goal is to open a number of flagship hotels both in Japan and internationally.




For any media inquiries please contact info@bna-hotel.com
BnA HOTEL Koenji press kit can be found HERE.
BnA STUDIO Akihabara press kit coming soon.

Drop us a line we are always happy to talk to you!