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Started in October 2016, the MURAL CITY PROJECT is a public art initiative introducing local artists and neighborhoods internationally, making Tokyo a landmark destination for street art.

Mural art is still seen as 'defacing of public property' in Japan, making receiving permits to paint extremely difficult. Working with supportive local governments and building owners in the short time MCP has been active the project has produced 4 permanent murals in Koenji with more murals and locations in the pipeline.

Through the Mural City Project we hope to not only inspire the next generation of creators and artists, but also to empower local residence to become social change agents for their communities.


BnA is one of the production/art direction teams for the TOKYO MURAL PROJECT an initiative run by Mori Building Co., Ltd.

The TOKYO MURAL PROJECT is an urban redevelopment project for the centrally located Toranomon neighborhood. The project seeks to explore a new approach to urban development led by art in the form of murals.


Mural Locations


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We are always excited to work on new and exciting projects globally, especially if it gives Japanese artists some much needed exposure!

In the past our team has...

  • Produced murals for office/shop/public spaces/events (Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify...etc.)

  • Organized group/solo shows with Japanese artists globally (Tokyo, SF, VC, Sydney...etc.)

  • Organized art events (Roppongi Art Night - Haru wa Akebono Cafe...etc.)

  • Produced merchandise with Japanese artists

  • Set up media interviews with artists in Japan

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any ideas you may have, email info(at)